Why Buy New?

Save on Energy Bills

July 2023

The report 'Watt A Save' published by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) in July 2023 found that the home building industry collectively reduced household carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes last year, saving buyers more than £400million in energy costs.

The average new build homebuyer saves £135 a month on energy bills, amounting to more than £1,600 a year, compared with purchasers of equivalent older properties. This saving rises to over £180 per month for purchasers of houses, rather than flats or bungalows, totalling £2,200 a year.

Read the full HBF article and see the report here.

A Blank Canvas

When you purchase a new build home you can move in and enjoy it right away, without having to re-decorate or repair anything. Dependent on the build stage, we encourage people to make their house their own, by choosing the kitchen and bathroom tiles they love, and we have many extras which can be completed before you move in.

Safe & Secure

A new build home is fitted with the latest ‘secure by design’ features, such as modern locks, doors, windows, outside lighting and alarm systems. We use fire resistant materials and fitted smoke alarms, as well as carbon monoxide sensors, all to give you peace of mind. These things can also help bring down the cost of your contents and building insurance.

Chain Free

As you will be the first owner of the property, there is no upward chain, which helps takes the stress out of buying.


Buying brand new means you will have a 10 year warranty, which you don’t get with older houses. We use NHBC and LABC to provide our warranties, giving you the reassurance you will not have any surprise costs, such as replacing the boiler, after moving in! To view our warranty information click here.

All incredible reasons to consider buying a new build. See our current developments here.