Leasehold & Freehold

In line with the rest of the housebuilding industry, all future Wiggett Homes developments will be sold on a freehold basis. We can confirm that all the historical Wiggett Homes leasehold developments were sold with a fixed annual ground rent and no periodical price increases.

Typically, leases were granted on 999-year terms, meaning the lease would survive generations of homeowners, which is considered equivalent to owning a freehold property.

Our development at Oaklands in Lowton is our one remaining site where properties will be sold leasehold and not freehold. The reason for this is Wiggett Homes do not own the freehold and can therefore only sell properties on a leasehold basis over the remaining term of the head lease, which is currently 857 years. As protection for homeowners the annual rent for these properties is classed as ‘peppercorn’, meaning in reality no ground rent is ever collected by the freeholder.

We hope this information provides our potential Wiggett Homes buyers with peace of mind. If in doubt, your solicitor would be able to advise you further on this matter.